About Us


Hi, we're Dog & Taylor.


We are committed to creating high-quality products that are both beautifully designed and comfortable for pets to wear.  

Our mission is to provide a seamless shopping experience for pet parents and to create fashionable pet accessories that showcase different styles and personalities.  

Our vision is to create a sustainable avenue of quality designer products for pets while supporting small businesses and helping shelter dogs throughout the United States.


Where Great Design Meets Dog Fashion.


Express your pet’s style through fashionable and comfortable accessories.

Our over-the-collar dog bandanas easily slip-on over your dog's collar, providing the optimal comfort for your pet. However, if you prefer a bandana that does not require a collar, check out our Tie-On Bandanas! 

All of our bandanas are durable, comfortable, and easy to wash.  


Handmade in the U.S.A.  🇺🇸

All of our dog bandanas are handmade with love in the United States. Each order is custom made for you in Miami, FL. 

We pay close attention to every detail, including the type and quality of the fabric, the durability, the fit and comfort, and the design. 

The majority of our suppliers are small-businesses and independent artists. By purchasing Dog & Taylor products, you help support these small businesses and artists to continue creating unique designs that make your pet look stylish and fabulous!



Every order helps a shelter dog in need. 💕

Not every puppy is lucky to have a loving family. Every time you place an order with Dog & Taylor, you help donate blankets, food, and toys to shelters throughout the U.S.A. We also donate bandanas to shelter dogs to help them look their best, show their personality, and get adopted!



Established in 2020

Dog & Taylor was born in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the increased need for face masks, we took on the task of making masks for essential workers, family and friends, and our local community.

However, we soon realized that face masks were not only a way to prevent the spread of the virus, but they could also have unique designs to help express your style.

We asked ourselves, how can we make these masks functional, fashionable, and fun to wear? Well, we looked at our dogs for the answer to that question! We decided to create some fun, matching dog bandanas and face masks so pets could be as fashionable as their owners, and owners could have some fun while matching with their pups.

Our response to the pandemic and our love for pets and fashion led us to create Dog & Taylor, a one-stop-shop of the most stylish accessories for dogs and their parents!